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[Video] How to turn more of your leads into paying customers

Posted March 11, 2019
2 minute read
Over the last several years, we’ve shared countless tips for generating leads online. But did you know it's typical to only close a fraction of those leads? 
So what’s going on here? Turns out, it can be several things. 
I recently interviewed Neal Lappe, CEO of Forensics of Selling and WebStrategies Founder, on how to turn more of your digital marketing leads into paying customers. We explored some of the top factors that contribute to a lead not closing and what you can do about it. 
Watch the video of our discussion for actionable tips you can implement immediately to improve close rates and create a positive impact on your company’s top line. 
What we covered:
  • how to identify a close rate problem
  • how to attack a low close rate problem
  • the role empathy and psychology plays in the sales process
  • how an improved close rate impacts your marketing strategy
  • how even a mediocre employee can thrive with the right lead process in place
Watch now:

How to turn more of your leads into paying customers



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