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[Webinar] How to Choose the Right Credit Union Marketing Agency

Posted January 23, 2019
1 minute read

Credit Unions are often flooded with sales calls and emails, offering promises that sound almost too good to be true. While partnering with an external agency with expertise in the Credit Union industry can yield fantastic results, it can be very difficult to sort through it all and figure out where to turn.

We're hosting a webinar to help Credit Unions figure out what to look for in a CU marketing company and what questions to ask of a prospective partner. 

We'll address some of the most common questions we hear from Credit Unions, such as:

    • How does a targeted advertising approach differ from the guaranteed impressions that some large media companies offer?
    • How to select a vendor without getting locked into a proprietary system you can't access
    • How should a partnership be structured with an external agency? 

Join our webinar:

Sifting Through the Sales Noise: How to Choose the Right CU Marketing Agency

Wednesday, February 6 at 1 pm ET



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