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How to Capture Wordpress Form Submissions in Salesforce

Posted September 23, 2021
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B2B companies often struggle with systems that don't 'talk' to one another. This is a waste of time and a matter of frustration for those using incompatible systems. 

But here's the good news: if your website is on Wordpress and you are using Salesforce as your CRM, you may be able to integrate the two. 

The solution to these separate systems lies in a plugin called Contact Salesforce Plugin by CRM Perks. It has a relatively inexpensive cost of $89 to install on one website. A developer should be able to implement the plugin.

Why Integrate Salesforce and Wordpress Forms?

Let's answer that question with a question. Where are your website's form submissions going now? Likely, Wordpress form submissions are going to an email that a member of your team has to manually copy over to Salesforce. This is a serious waste of time for someone in marketing or sales whose priorities should be focused on attracting and converting qualified leads to your business. 

Instead of manually inputting data into Salesforce, the information can be captured from the Wordpress form and entered into Salesforce automatically. This results in significant time savings.

What It Looks Like When Wordpress Forms and Salesforce Talk to Each Other

Here's a visual representation of how this works:

The Contact Salesforce Plugin captures data from the Wordpress forms on your site. Your contact form might look something like this: 


The data is entered in Salesforce automatically. Within Salesforce, it creates contact records: 

Account records: 

And customer order records: 

You can attach files to the customer order records if needed. 

Would integrating Wordpress forms and Salesforce be beneficial to your company? 

Contact us to learn more about getting these systems to talk to each other so that you can do business more efficiently. 

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