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How does central VA use the internet?

Posted May 29, 2015
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Hey Central VA - we love our city and we're a creative, talented and unique group of people - don't you think? And, we're into technology - we embrace the internet and the digital world. Now, you can be part of a study that will help us all get more from the internet.

So, as the internet becomes an increasingly important part of our lives, we want companies to educate us and serve us well online. To support our ongoing desire to make the internet work for companies and consumers alike, WebStrategies has embarked upon a mission to better understand the unique ways in which consumers in central VA use the internet to research, learn about, and purchase goods and services. There have been many studies about how consumers engage with the internet, but none we are aware of that focused only on the unique behaviors of consumers in our local marketplace - Richmond, VA and the surrounding area.

Purpose of survey

The main purpose of this research and how we'll use this information are to educate local businesses about how they can better serve and communicate with consumers in their local marketplace. We want to learn about how consumers use search engines to find local businesses, how they evaluate consumer reviews, how they use social media, and many other important elements of using the internet.

Your Information won't be shared

We'd love for you to give us your "two cents". If you do participate, your private information won't be shared with anyone. We'll consolidate all the Survey_pic results, share the aggregated results with local businesses, and then publish them to the general public.

Join us in our mission to improve the internet...



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