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Customer Service – The Age of “Emotionomics”

Posted May 10, 2011
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I've read a good deal on the topic of "emotionomics" and it has continued to make an impression on me. Emotionomics in general is the confluence of the products and services with the customer's emotional experience using those products and services. For someone who operates an internet marketing agency, I think of emotionomics as the experience our customers have during a project...a web development project, an seo project, etc. In other words, if we produce great seo results but the process the customer experienced during the project is painful, then the customer thinks poorly of us even though we might achieve awesome results.

Developing a high quality, custom website is a challenging effort with a lot of moving parts. In some cases the customer might have a good deal of work to do to complete the project. In other cases the customer has some particular graphic requirements that might be difficult to articulate or for a designer to understand. Customer frustration grows and the emotional elements of the relationship start to get strained. In the end the website might be incredible but if the whole development process produced stress and frustration, the "emotionomics" of the arrangement aren't so good and the customer leaves with some "emotional scars".

For those of us involved in the development of complex projects, we need to pay special attention to the customer's experience. We might be the best at what we do, but if the process we use to do what we do sucks for the customer, then that great product or service we deliver will be severely diminished if the whole experience was difficult emotionally on the customer. The end result could be little repeat business and a poor reputation in the marketplace.

Make sure your process works for your customers. Teach/coach your employees and partners about how to interact with customers. Pay special attention to how the process affects the emotional state of your customers. If you can produce a great product or service, and the experience the customer has during the process is good, you will win in the end.

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