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2020 Credit Union Conferences You Won't Want to Miss

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kelly-browning   by Kelly Browning November 21, 2019

Credit Union conferences are a great way to learn, be inspired, and connect with industry leaders and innovators. We always come away reinvigorated with ideas for helping our clients grow.

Here we're highlighting some of the can't miss conferences for credit unions. From exciting locations to dynamic speakers and quality content, we'd say there's something for everyone. By no means is this an exhaustive list, but we think these are excellent choices to invest in for 2020.

Let's start with one of our favorite topicscredit union marketing. Some of the top trending topics to look for at these conferences are programmatic advertising, enhancing customer experience, AI, and using analytics to better measure marketing results.

Credit Union Marketing Conferences

February 6-9, 2020
Orlando, FL
February 25-26, 2020
San Francisco, CA
March 2-4, 2020
San Antonio, TX
March 15-18, 2020
Orlando, FL
April 27-29, 2020
Las Vegas, NV
MAC Conference 2020 (we attended this conference in 2017 and 2018, and loved it!) May 26-29, 2020
Denver, CO
June 1-4, 2020
Seattle, WA
June 25-28, 2020
Portland, OR
July 20-23, 2020
Cleveland, OH
Credit Union Conferences
January 19-22, 2020
San José del Cabo, Mexico
February 23-27, 2020
Washington, DC
March 5-8, 2020
St. Petersburg, FL
March 12-15, 2020
Scottsdale, AZ
April 27-30, 2020 
San Francisco, CA
May 6-8, 2020
Palm Springs, CA
May 17-20, 2020
Anaheim, CA
May 23-27, 2020
Amelia Island, FL
June 10-12, 2020
Seattle, WA
June 23-26, 2020
Vancouver, Canada
July 19-22, 2020
Los Angelos, CA
July 23-26, 2020
San Francisco, CA
July 28-31, 2020
Las Vegas, NV
August 17-18, 2020
Nashville, TN
August 17-19, 2020
Las Vegas, NV
Expand Expo 2020 
September 13-17, 2020
September 28-October 2, 2020
Annapolis, MD
October 19-21, 2020
San Diego, CA
Conferences are a good opportunity to network and make new connections that can be mutually beneficial for years to come. Heading into the conference, be open to meeting a wide variety of new people but try to identify the top people you hope to connect with and make an effort to seek them out. Check out our Do's and Don'ts of Conference Networking for more tips

If you've attended any of these in the past, let us know in the comments below! How was it? Have one to add? Let us know that too!

Want to get the latest on credit union digital marketing without traveling? Watch one of our webinars, jam packed with advice for improving your results online! Just visit our Credit Union Marketing Resources page, and scroll down to the webinars section.




Kelly Browning is a Marketing Manager with WebStrategies. With a background in traditional and digital marketing, as well as project management, Kelly focuses on inbound marketing strategy and maximizing client results with the HubSpot marketing platform. Kelly graduated from Virginia Tech with a B.A. in Communications.


Topics: Credit Union Marketing

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