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Credit Union Case Study: Digital Marketing Strategy

Posted September 16, 2020
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WebStrategies partnered with a credit union that had the goal of creating a unified digital marketing strategy that fuels new account openings and loan applications.

With little prior digital marketing experience outside of mostly disappointing digital advertisements, this credit union was in search of expert digital advertising guidance and a strategy to diversify the sources of traffic visiting their website.

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In order to accomplish the credit union's goals, we created several highly-targeted Google Search, Google Display, and Facebook advertising campaigns.

With the help of advanced e-commerce tracking, we were able to fully optimize these campaigns and cut their average cost-per-click from $9.32 to $4.42 along with gaining other cost efficiencies and results improvements.

Additionally, we implemented a strategic content production and conversion-rate-optimization plan that led to an influx of new, organic traffic to their website and more consistent conversions on some of their most important pages.

To see the full results of this case study, click here.

Here's what our client had to say:

"WebStrategies has been instrumental in refining our digital presence. They function like an extension of our marketing department. Every other week our marketing department meets with the team at WebStrategies to discuss current projects and to give us a status update, we also discuss upcoming tactics, ideas and opportunities and they prepare fresh ads for any upcoming promotions or specials. It can be challenging, if not impossible, to stay current on all the latest trends within digital marketing and to have the resources to implement some pretty skilled projects. This is where we get the most value from WebStrategies! 

One of the most important things that WebStrategies has brought to the table is the ability to implement key conversion tracking and detailed reporting. Prior to working with WebStrategies we did not have the capability to successfully track online application completions. Fast forward to today, we are tracking application starts, completions, loan amount requested, loan amount filled and tying it back to the media that brought in the lead. 

Additionally, WebStrategies has elevated our social media advertising with a well planned approach. Brandon, our account representative works with us to bring new ideas and the latest trends and tactics to try. Whenever we have a question about digital marketing we turn to WebStrategies for input and advice."

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Alan joined WebStrategies after earning his BA in Communications from Rutgers University. Alan brings value to WebStrategies in several ways, assisting our Client Account Managers in delivering top-tier digital marketing strategy and producing detailed reporting to analyze and interpret results, as well as writing content to educate companies on improving their digital marketing strategy.

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