Credit Union Case Study

Arbor Financial Credit Union

Founded decades ago as a small institution to serve teachers' needs, Arbor FCU provides exceptional service from 11 branches throughout southwest Michigan. They pride themselves on providing expert financial advice and individualized financial solutions to those who live in the communities they serve.

With digital advertisements as their only form of digital marketing, they were unsatisfied with the results they received from these campaigns and struggled to determine if they were actually receiving application submissions or account openings directly tied to these ad campaigns.


Arbor FCU partnered with WebStrategies in March of 2019 with the goal of creating a unified digital marketing strategy that would drive new account openings and loans.

After analyzing their advertising campaigns, WebStrategies discovered that much of their advertising traffic originated from states outside of Michigan, so they were wasting money on unqualified leads. To combat this, we created several highly-targeted campaigns on Google Search, Google Display, and Facebook.

Advanced tracking was also implemented with Google Analytics to measure account openings and application submissions resulting from these campaigns.

WebStrategies also implemented a content marketing strategy, other SEO tactics, and ongoing conversion rate optimization work to help drive organic traffic to their website and increase the likelihood of website visitors completing applications.


WebStrategies marketing work resulted in massive cost-savings for Arbor FCU’s advertising campaigns and a consistent flow of new organic traffic visiting their website.

Since partnering with Webstrategies, the average cost-per-click for their advertising campaigns has dropped from $9.32 to $4.42, a decrease of 55%. For these same campaigns, the average click-through-rate has risen from 5.15% to 7.21%, an increase of 40%.

By implementing advanced tracking, they were also able to identify the cost-per-application for all of their campaigns. Their mortgage campaign has resulted in an impressively low cost-per-application of $150, which is a rate you would expect to see from a checking or auto loans campaign.

The ongoing content and conversion-rate-optimization work by WebStrategies have led to an increase in organic website traffic of 34% year-over-year and a higher conversion rate on some of Arbor FCU’s key product pages.

WebStrategies decreased the average cost-per-click by


for their digital advertising campaigns.

Since partnering with WebStrategies, organic website traffic has increased


year over year.

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About Webstrategies

WebStrategies exists to improve the personal success of our clients, grow their businesses, and turn them into raving fans. We do this through data-driven digital marketing services that drive and convert online visitors into leads and sales for our clients.

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WebStrategies has been instrumental in refining our digital presence. They function like an extension of our marketing department. It can be challenging, if not impossible, to stay current on all the latest trends within digital marketing and to have the resources to implement some pretty skilled projects. This is where we get the most value from WebStrategies!

One of the most important things that WebStrategies has brought to the table is the ability to implement key conversion tracking and detailed reporting. Prior to working with WebStrategies we did not have the capability to successfully track online application completions. Fast forward to today, we are tracking application starts, completions, loan amount requested, loan amount filled and tying it back to the media that brought in the lead. Additionally, WebStrategies has elevated our social media advertising with a well-planned approach.

Director of Marketing