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Closing the Sales-Marketing Gap: Salesforce-HubSpot Integration for Industrial Manufacturers

Posted June 25, 2024
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In today's competitive landscape, alignment between sales and marketing is more critical than ever. However, many industrial manufacturers struggle with disconnected systems and processes that create blind spots and missed opportunities.

Integrating Salesforce and HubSpot can help close the loop between sales and marketing, providing full visibility into a lead's journey and enabling seamless handoffs between teams.

The Blind Spot Problem

When sales and marketing operate in silos, it's easy for valuable information to fall through the cracks. Sales reps may not have visibility into a lead's prior interactions with marketing content, while marketers may not know which leads sales is actively working.

This lack of visibility can lead to missed opportunities, duplicated efforts, and a disjointed customer experience.




Bridging the Gap with Integration

Integrating Salesforce and HubSpot helps bridge the gap between sales and marketing by providing a unified view of the customer journey. With the integration in place, sales reps can see a lead's complete interaction history, including website visits, email opens, and content downloads, directly within Salesforce.

This context helps sales tailor their outreach and prioritize the hottest leads.


On the marketing side, the integration allows marketers to see sales activities logged in Salesforce, such as calls, emails, and meeting notes.

This visibility helps marketing understand which leads are being actively worked by sales and tailor their efforts accordingly.

For example, if a lead has already had a productive conversation with a sales rep, marketing can send targeted follow-up content to reinforce the message and move the lead closer to a purchase decision.

Tradeshow Use Case

One powerful use case for the Salesforce-HubSpot integration is in the context of tradeshows and events. Imagine your sales team is attending a major industry tradeshow and collecting lead information at your booth. With the integration in place, sales reps can log those interactions directly in Salesforce, and that data will automatically sync to HubSpot. 


Marketing can then use that information to trigger personalized follow-up campaigns, such as:

- A "thank you for visiting our booth" email with links to relevant content
- An invitation to schedule a product demo with a sales rep
- A targeted nurture campaign based on the lead's specific product interests
Manufacturing - Salesforce & HubSpot Screenshots and Diagrams

By leveraging the integration to close the loop between tradeshow interactions and marketing follow-up, you can maximize the ROI of your event investments and move leads more efficiently through the funnel.

The Complete Timeline

The most significant benefit of the Salesforce-HubSpot integration is the ability to see a complete timeline of a lead's interactions with your brand. From the first website visit to the final sales conversation, every touchpoint is logged and visible to both sales and marketing.


This complete picture allows for more informed decision-making, better alignment between teams, and ultimately, a more seamless customer experience.

Sales reps can approach conversations with full context of a lead's prior engagements, while marketers can create campaigns that speak directly to a lead's unique needs and interests.

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  • In the complex world of industrial manufacturing, alignment between sales and marketing is essential for driving growth and staying competitive.

  • By integrating Salesforce and HubSpot, you can close the loop between these two critical functions, providing full visibility into the customer journey and enabling seamless handoffs between teams.

  • With the power of integration, you can turn blind spots into opportunities and create a more seamless, effective revenue engine.


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