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Posted January 7, 2015
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This post is all about ideas that will help you create good blog posts. Most of us know the value of blogging and most of us experience "writer's block" at one time or another. So, when I read an article recently that offered some ideas about creating blog content, I was so inspired that I had to share some of the ideas. To be fair, the original content came from someone who writes for Search Engine Watch. Following are 5 easy ways and ideas about where to go for inspiration to write blog posts.

  1. Got to Twitter - review your Twitter platform to see what people are talking about. If you want to get some inspiration about niche or detailed topics, go to Twitter and key in a phrase of interest to you. Review the tweets to see if anything inspires you.
  2. Go to Google Insights - if you are not familiar with this tool, it's really cool. Go to Google Insights and key in some search terms that are of interest to you or pertinent to your business. It will give you "insights" about what's interesting to the masses out there and this might inspire some blogging ideas.
  3. Q&A Sites - two good resources are Quora and Yahoo Answers. Ask a question and/or see what others are asking about. You'll be amazed at what people are asking - some are funny, some are sad and some will be inspirational.
  4. Look at Your Google Analytics (GA) data - log into your Analytics account and look at what search phrases people are using to find you. In fact, blogging about things of specific interest to those visiting your website will certainly be found valuable to your prospects and customers.
  5. Ask people that follow you - go to your Twitter and Facebook pages, and ask your "followers" and "friends" what they'd like to hear about. You'll likely be surprised at things you never thought about.

So, no more excuses (for me either) about not blogging. Take a few minutes to investigate these resources and try these ideas, and see what inspires you. Good luck.

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