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Are Display Ads a Giant Waste of Time and Money?

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Chris Leone   by Chris Leone February 21, 2019

Display advertising has gotten much more sophisticated in the past decade, allowing you to deliver highly relevant image ads to the audience you specifically want to reach. But does it get results? 

On a recent broadcast of our WebStrategies Live show, we dove into this topic, and discussed when display ads can be a successful part of your marketing strategy, and when you're probably wasting your marketing dollars on them. 

Small and medium sized businesses should be cautious with their use of display ads as a lead generating tactic. Watch our video for guidance on when it's appropriate to allocate some of your budget to display.

Watch now:

Is Display Advertising a Giant Waste of Time and Money?

WSL display ads image



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As President, Chris is responsible for leading all the day-to-day operations of WebStrategies. His work has been featured on the Google Analytics and Hubspot blogs, and he’s a regular columnist for the Richmond Times Dispatch.


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