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Are clients correct, even when they aren't?

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Chris Leone   by Chris Leone September 3, 2009

We go to great lengths to provide products that fulfill the needs of our clients, meeting with them to understand their business models and needs before we even propose building a website or providing other Internet Marketing solutions. In fact, we won't propose something unless we truly believe it will benefit their business. Over the years, this has resulted in a high degree of client loyalty and a large proportion of new business generated through referrals.

There are times, however, when things just don't go as planned in development. This usually happens when the client says, "I hear your reasons for doing so and so, but I really want it this way instead." This could be anything: eliminating key Calls to Action, wanting a Flash splash page, etc. In these cases we make our best efforts to explain the advantages of doing what we propose. In the end, however, if the client is insistent we will produce what they want even if it negatively impacts the overall quality and effectiveness of the website.

I'm interested in hearing the views of other web professionals and end users. Do you feel the adage that "The client is always right" is correct? The medical profession has the Hippocratic Oath, "Above all, do no harm." For us it is not a matter of life or death, but the reality is that some websites don't fulfill their business potential due to clients' insistence on something that to them is sexy or trendy.



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