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Access the Results of Our 2021 Equipment Manufacturing Marketing Survey

Posted June 30, 2021
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In a year where trade shows were canceled and many manufacturers struggled with supply chain issues, it was more important than ever for WebStrategies to conduct our annual equipment manufacturing marketing survey. This was the fourth year in a row conducting this survey with the goal of getting visibility into where equipment manufacturers are investing in digital marketing, what tactics are performing best, and where the greatest challenges lie.

103 manufacturing professionals, primarily marketing directors, CEO's, and CMO's, took part in the survey. What we found was that many equipment manufacturers who were heavily impacted by COVID-19 initially have seen their marketing results return to normal, or better, as business picked back up and companies improved their digital efforts.

Key Highlights of the 2021 Survey Results

  • 61% of survey respondents reported seeing a positive return on digital marketing efforts. This is nearly double the number who reported seeing a positive ROI from digital last year. 
  • While 45% of equipment manufacturers who took our survey plan to keep their overall budget the same, 63% plan to increase their digital marketing budget.
  • 78% of respondents said that digital marketing became a higher priority in the past year.
  • Content marketing was reportedly the most successful digital marketing tactic for equipment manufacturers. Compared to our 2020 survey, this was a 97% increase of respondents who indicated having success with content production.

Access the Equipment Manufacturing Marketing Survey Results

The survey results are available for download here.

if you have questions about the survey results, let us know! Contact us to chat about the trends that we're seeing with equipment manufacturing marketing what digital strategy would best align with your company's goals.

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