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2017 Digital Marketing Predictions [FB Live]

Chris Leone   by Chris Leone December 17, 2016

In this week's episode of WebStrategiesLive, we look back on some predictions from 2016, along with what we expect in digital marketing in 2017. 

Digital Marketing Trends 2017.png

Watch the broadcast below.  


[3:00] Introduction

[5:05] Some Predictions From 2016

[5:20] Increase in video ads
[5:55] Wearables
[6:15]Influencer marketing
[8:05] Mobile dominates desktop
[9:18] Big data
[10:34] Rise of digital assistants
[13:00] Virtual reality
[16:08] Ephemeral Marketing
[17:00] Internet of Things (IOT)
[17:30] Digital advertising costs increase
[17:40] Rise of vertical communities
[18:40] Growing digital budgets
[19:00] Social media penetration

[20:42] Predictions for 2017

[20:51] Continued growth in video
[24:00] Chatbots
[27:00] Voice and semantic search
[28:40] Pay to Play World
[32:00] Virtual reality
[32:40] Fake News fallout


[36:10] Q&A



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