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What’s the difference between a mobile website and a mobile app?

Posted August 24, 2011
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What IS a Mobile website

A mobile website is a website specifically designed for mobile phones. The width and general graphical dimensions are optimized so that they fit perfectly on a small screens. A mobile website has 3 important features: It is brief. It is concise and it is fast.

Generally speaking there is a phone number, an email and perhaps a map all of which intrinsically link to the built-in phone functions (e.g. If you click on a phone number it will ask you if you want to call that number). Because the mobile websites that WebStrategies builds are built on content management systems such as Joomla! or Wordpress, they can be optimized for search engines. After all, isn’t the very reason for the existence of any website to drive traffic to your business – not simply just to have a pretty looking website!?

What’s the difference between a mobile website and an app?

There is a lot of buzz about the latest android or iphone app these days. You can’t get though a single day without hearing some reference to a mobile app of one kind or another.

A mobile app is a software application built to run on smartphones. Since it is more complex than the mobile website, building an app can be expensive, technically challenging and time consuming. Mobile apps aren't necessarily search engine optimized either. A combination of a search engine optimized mobile website that links to a cool functionally rich app download is one way to get the best of both worlds.

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