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Richmond Commercial Services (RCS) Offers Free Moving Quote Online

Posted August 6, 2013
1 minute read

Online quote provides instant estimates and offers personal visits for exact moving costs

RCS is providing a new Request a Quote page on its website, making the Richmond-based company the only provider to offer this free feature in the area. The online quote includes:

  • Instant moving quote estimates based on amount of square feet
  • Responses from an RCS member within 24 business hours
  • Requests for a personal visit regarding the final moving quote

RCS foresees the Request a Quote page as a feature that will not require the customer to go above and beyond to get a quote, but as a convenient and easy option that is instant and accurate.

RCS continues to offer professional and commercial moving services to the Richmond, VA area with the business philosophy of “Earn clients’ trust every day.” Since 1994, customers with RCS have immediate and open access to all members of the company. RCS customers are never treated like a number, with the exception of “Number 1.”

Visit for more information or contact us at ­804-358-4035.

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