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Joomla! image maps, the

tag and editor stripping.

Posted January 21, 2011
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David McKillen WebStrategies Inc.

Why does Joomla! insert the <p> tag by default?

TinyMCE (the default WYSIWYG Editor) is set by default to "P" (<p>) Elements (paragraphs) for new lines. You can change this to line breaks (br) by going to: Extensions > Plugin Manager > Editor - TinyMCE > Parameters > New Lines > BR Elements.

~ Courtesy of Dizzi, Joomla! virtuoso

Why does Joomla! strip some bits of code/tags like clear:both etc.?

In the Joomla! admin panel go to Plugins >> TinyMCE Editor >> "Never allow code cleanup". That should take care of it! :)

How to use image maps in Joomla!

As far as I know the default editor in Joomla! makes it tricky to simply cut and paste an image map code from your HTML IDE of choice into the Joomla! editor and save without it breaking the image map. It's asked a lot but really the easiest solution is to do the following:

- Download JCE editor here and install:

- Go to Site >> Configuration and set whatever verison of JCE you have as the default.

- Now go into your articles or modules and add image maps via the source!

David McKillen WebStrategies Inc.

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