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The UFC Earns a KO With Social Media

Posted July 20, 2010
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David McKillen WebStrategies Inc.

I feel like one of the most important aspects of Tweeting or Facebooking is finding a method or angle with which to make it most effective. Simply logging in to your Twitter account at just doesn't cut it. You don't really experience the true power of Twitter/Facebook until you optimize the implementation of it as a true tool used to connect and engage individuals. It's kind of like that "aha!" moment you get when you figure something out - it just dawns on you when you see Twitter being used in an effective way. If you hit on something that works the flood gates of opportunity can open wide.

Take a recent website I came across in my personal time run by the Ultimate Fighting Competition (UFC). To promote an up and coming fight between two of the biggest heavy weights in quite some time, the UFC has turned to social media once again. If you are fan of the UFC you can visit and create your own character (very quickly). Once your character is created, you can connect to your Facebook or Twitter account and give your prediction on the fight and then line up along side your fellow UFC fans in cyperspace. It's a simple idea but it gets your attention and in return the UFC promotes it's up and coming fight quite effectively.

QED :)

David McKillen WebStrategies Inc.

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