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WebStrategies Approved to Become a Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP)

Posted April 14, 2011
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Contact: Neal Lappe, President/Founder
Company Name: WebStrategies Inc.
Telephone Number: 804-200-4545
Fax Number: 804-379-1436
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WebStrategies Approved to Become a Google Analytics
Certified Partner (GACP)

Richmond, VA, April 14, 2011. WebStrategies today announced it was approved by Google Inc.
to become a Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP).

What is a GACP?

GACP’s help businesses of all sizes make their internet marketing efforts more effective using Google Analytics, a free, enterprise-class online measurement tool. Clients working with a GACP receive professional, Google authorized training, implementation and consulting services. For more information, visit

Why are Web Analytics Important?

It is important to invest your web analytics/website optimizer budgets where you'll get the greatest return. Working with the right people is one of the most cost-effective investments you can make, and that’s why Google established the Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP) program. Whether you have an established in-house team or are just getting started, GACP consultants can give you the advantage of their years of web analytics experience.

Google Analytics tells you exactly how visitors got to your site and how they use it. It can help you identify bottlenecks and identify areas for improvements, leaving you to concentrate on your marketing campaigns and increase ROI. Google Analytics is an advanced, easy-to-use tool. The software has all the functions that you’d expect from an advanced web analysis package.

You can use Google Analytics to measure ROI of your online marketing activities, and with some creativity and customizations, it can support the measurement of some offline marketing initiatives. Google Analytics is free. Instead of spending money on a web analysis package, you can concentrate on optimizing your marketing campaigns and improving your website and its contents. For more information, visit

About WebStrategies

WebStrategies is a Midlothian, VA based digital/internet marketing agency founded 7 years ago by Neal Lappe, and provides a variety of web development, search engine optimization and social media marketing services to businesses of all sizes. The employees of WebStrategies believe marketing decisions and investments should be made based on a foundation of data in addition to hands-on experience. Consequently, the firm uses a foundation of metrics and analysis to formulate and implement data-driven marketing campaigns for clients. Google Analytics provides a strong foundation for this data-driven approach to marketing.

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