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How to add a Paypal form to DNN.

Posted March 8, 2010
1 minute read

The only thing that surprised me this weekend more than the fact that Papa Johns were still running deliveries in crazy snow (kudos), was the fact that DNN doesn't make it easy to insert a Paypal form into DNN.

John Mitchel posted a little how-to a while ago but here in a nutshell is the solution:

Step 1. Remove the tags from your PayPal code.

Step 2. Add the following bit of code to the input button on your form:


Step 3. Add your newly edited form to an HTML module in your DNN site.

Basically you are using javascript to submit the form onclick rather than using the HTML action functionality. A generic ASP.Net page already contains a form so-to-speak and so this is just a means of using another method so you don't have to deal with changing the action field of the existing form.

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