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Gaining Insight From Heatmaps

Posted March 12, 2010
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I came across Clicktale and thought they deserved a shout out so to speak based on my interactions with them. My personal reasons for having an interest in heatmaps is because I find it interesting how little users are really interested in when they visit any given website. There are some very interesting usability challenges you can find having examined some of the results of these tests.

Some of what they do is already under the Analytics umbrella but some hotspots (scuse the pun) I think worth a mention are as follows:

- See how far down visitors scroll and see where they abandon the page.
- See where users click or move their mouse on the page.
- See what parts of your forms people spend more time on or have more difficulty with.
- See what content on your page users care less about.

If we spend a little more time on this type of user interaction we might very well be able to identify some very pragmatic and beneficial insights.

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