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Can I sell my stuff on Facebook?

Posted July 21, 2012
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Have an eCommerce site and are active on Facebook too? Why not combine the two?

It’s fairly common knowledge that the best internet marketing strategies are primarily an extension of ourselves. That’s to say if you are great at writing blog posts or interact a lot with other bloggers, it’s a no brainer to conclude that a good medium for you is to using blogging as a useful marketing tool. In the same vein, if you happen to be active on social networks such as Facebook, why not take advantage of that? If you already have a large audience or strong following that you interact with day to day, there’ no harm in taking advantage of that!

To take this one step further, if you happen to be active on Facebook and are running an eCommerce store – why not combine the two? There are several new Facebook apps available now that help you do just that. A group of folks I’ve been following a lot recently, North Social, happen to have a nifty little app that can take care of the interfacing between your social realm and your eCommerce store.

Show and Sell” is a nifty little Facebook app that allows you to essentially create a social front end for your eCommerce site. The app allows you to configure the look and feel as well as manage the sharing and social integration aspects that provide you with another medium for advertising your products, if you happen to be active in Social Media. Show and Sell simply references the product page directly on your eCommerce site making integration and setup with virtually any E-store easy peasy.

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