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What is Social Media Advertising?

Social media advertising is any form of "pay to show" advertising on platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook. It can take on many forms, including boosted posts, video ads, or other types of sponsored links and content. Advertising on these platforms has become a common practice over the years because of the targeting features, which enable businesses to show ads to people based on email addresses, demographics, or other information like job titles or seniority. With the right strategy in place, the opportunities are endless!

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Why Social Media Advertising Works For Manufacturers

Aside from Google PPC Advertising, social media is one of the top online advertising channels for manufacturers to drive brand awareness and new sales. The advanced targeting features of LinkedIn allow you to direct ads very specifically to your ideal prospects and current customers. This results in a far more engaged audience that's more likely to take action, and can help build awareness among your most desired companies and contacts.

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Social Media Advertising For Manufacturers: Our Approach

Our social media advertising approach involves working hand-in-hand with your sales team to identify exactly what your ideal customer looks like. We’ll pinpoint what type of content would resonate best and then utilize your insight to share that content on potential customers' feeds. With years of experience in social media advertising for B2B businesses, our team will design a strategy that produces results.

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Social Media Advertising: Measuring Results

We’ll measure social media advertising by looking directly at the number of inquiries you receive from ad campaigns, but social media advertising is more known for its ability to build brand awareness and generate sales over time. Therefore, we’ll also keep an eye on assisted conversions–or people that come to your website from an advertisement only to return and reach out later. We commit to providing you as much transparency around your campaigns as possible, so you know what's working and what's not.

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