Manufacturing Case Study

Manufacturer of Custom Mining Conveyor Equipment and Replacement Parts

West River Conveyors is a manufacturer of custom mining conveyor equipment and replacement parts. With almost forty years of experience producing quality mining products, the company serves customers domestically from coast to coast and in several locations worldwide. Reliable products and superior customer service have allowed the company to grow rapidly within the past few years, adding a new conveyor structure manufacturing facility in 2019.

West River Conveyors received grant money from the State of Virginia to increase their marketing efforts for a more diverse customer base. With in-house marketing endeavors that were challenging, the company was left with a large inventory of replacement parts that were not advertised effectively to increase sales.


Unhappy with their Google Adwords advertising, West River Conveyors did not feel as if they were receiving an appropriate ROI on their current marketing efforts. Managing advertising internally was becoming more burdensome and less effective to maintain over time, and a lack of bandwidth prevented them from consistently developing new content for organic or inbound lead opportunities.

West River Conveyors partnered with WebStrategies in January 2018 with a focus on expanding their leads outside of the coal mining industry. A five-year plan to increase revenue by five to ten million dollars was the half-way point for an aggressive goal to more than double their revenue within the next ten years. 

WebStrategies recreated the proprietary platform website from the ground up. This included installing flexible and comprehensive mobile formatting, an extensive keyword and content strategy to span across multiple mediums and platforms, and enhanced lead tracking capabilities through both website contact forms and traditional phone calls.

Heavy emphasis on user accessibility and content availability has quickly made large impacts on West River Conveyors and their customer experience.


The implementation of WebStrategies’ complete reconstruction of the manufacturer's web presence made significant improvements to lead generation, website traffic, and customer conversions. Within twelve months, organic traffic to the West River Conveyors website increased by 376%. 

Revamping the initial Google Search ad campaign allowed WebStrategies to streamline online advertising efforts for the leads West River Conveyors was most interested in capturing, such as businesses in the Sand and Gravel industry and replacement parts. 

The flexibility that accompanied their growing online presence allowed West River Conveyors to successfully manage their replacement parts inventory and undertake newer, more large scale projects. In 2019, there were 116 quality contact forms accrued by the company, and they had the opportunity to quote $2.9 million dollars worth of business, compared to less than $1 million in 2018.

After partnering with WebStrategies, organic website traffic increased by


compared to the previous year.



Phone call leads have increased


year over year.



quality contact forms were acquired in 2019


In 2019 the amount quoted just from website leads more than tripled, reaching



"WebStrategies has helped enhance our digital marketing approach by streamlining and focusing our Google advertising to be more cost-effective and generate more leads, dramatically increased our organic website traffic, and built a new more efficient optimized website. All of this has enabled us to quote more new and larger conveyor projects and sell more replacement parts."

- Jessica Savage, Marketing Manager

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