Manufacturing Case Study

Mining and Industrial Equipment Manufacturer

This prominent manufacturing company has been in business for over 60 years and produces high-quality ventilation services for industries ranging from mining to large commercial buildings and factories. Their mission is to ensure the highest standard of safety possible for those who purchase their ventilation systems.

Unsatisfied with their current marketing strategy, this manufacturer struggled to maintain a website that would consistently generate traffic and engagement with potential customers.


With little past experience in digital marketing, this business partnered with WebStrategies in July 2018 with hopes of transforming their website into a viable lead-generation tool. WebStrategies completely overhauled their website with the intent of improving visitor experience and creating content that encourages engagement.

Since the website’s initial launch in December 2018, WebStrategies implemented an extensive content development and site organization process, as well as optimized the site for conversions. Along with the content expansion, WebStrategies also filmed several videos onsite and placed them throughout their website as supplemental material to the written content. 


The content marketing strategy that WebStrategies implemented led to an impressive improvement in Google search rankings, website traffic, and new leads for the company.

When they partnered with us, they were only appearing in Google search results for a few keywords relevant to their business. As of June 2020, they were ranking for 286 relevant keywords, with 19 of those being on the first page of search queries that are highly relevant to their products and services.

As a result of the expanded content and new keyword rankings, organic traffic has improved significantly, gaining approximately 1,000 visitors a month to the company’s website.

This website traffic has also resulted in an abundance of new leads for the company. Since December 2018, 232 phone calls and 63 contact form submissions have been generated directly from organic visitors.

Besides improving organic traffic and engagement, the content and CRO work completed by WebStrategies enhanced the performance of their paid advertising campaigns.

After partnering with WebStrategies, organic website traffic improved to 


visitors a month.



Since December 2018,


phone calls and


contact forms have been submitted directly from organic traffic.


As of June 2020, they were ranking for




keywords relevant to their business.

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