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What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is the ability to automatically trigger certain marketing activities based on a user’s behavior or characteristics. It removes tedious, time-consuming manual work while providing a more personalized, relevant user experience that improves marketing ROI.

Manufacturers can utilize marketing automation for various tasks to nurture leads, improve the efficiency of sales follow-up, retain existing customers, and much more.

The benefits of marketing automation

Marketing Automation: The Benefits

Marketing automation is especially useful for manufacturers due to the length of sales cycles and the need for consistent communication to stay top-of-mind with prospects. With marketing automation, prospects receive targeted communication and content based on where they are in the sales funnel without all of the manual communication that sales teams would otherwise do.

More robust platforms, such as HubSpot, our preferred marketing automation tool, are particularly effective in streamlining and improving manufacturers’ marketing and sales efforts.

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Our Approach to Marketing Automation for Manufacturers

Our approach to marketing automation focuses on nurturing prospects and creating effective marketing campaigns. The WebStrategies team will take the time to understand how your sales team operates, how leads interact in different stages of your sales funnel, and the unique goals of your business.

With this information, we'll create customized automated processes that trigger based on contacts' qualities and serve them the most relevant resources or information possible. We’ll also create processes to help your business generate reviews, follow-up with prospects after a trade show, or notify your sales team when known contacts have visited your website.


WebStrategies is proud to be a HubSpot Platinum Partner.

Read what some of our clients have to say about partnering with us for HubSpot work.

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Marketing Automation: Measuring Results

Measuring the impact of manufacturing marketing automation can be done in several ways, depending on the specific campaign, audience, and purpose. In some cases, we may measure the performance of individual emails through open rates and click-through rates. In others, we may directly measure the number of leads converted into sales over the long haul or time saved by your sales team.

We look forward to the opportunity to explore how marketing automation can help your credit union generate more leads, build relationships, and close more deals. Let's chat about how automation can benefit your manufacturing company.

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