Marketing Analytics for Manufacturers

Accurately tracking the results of your marketing efforts to calculate ROI and determine what's working best.

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Why are Analytics & Reporting Critical for Manufacturers?

Analytics and advanced reporting ensure you’re getting the most bang for your marketing buck. Good data will demystify what is and isn't working and reveal how to invest more strategically. Manufacturers who emphasize good reporting and data are the ones who have the most success with digital marketing and maximize their ROI. If you are unsure of what your marketing investments are accomplishing for your business, it's time for better reporting.

What Should You Be Tracking?

First and foremost, good reporting helps you better understand the health and performance of your website. Measuring metrics like clicks and traffic are important to gauge whether your efforts are paying off. However, to maximize marketing ROI, manufacturers must dial into actual revenue generated by marketing channel. Only then can you ensure their marketing spend is allocated to the highest impact channels.

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Analytics & Reporting: Our Approach

A manufacturer looking to implement better tracking and reporting will require several things. Our approach will begin with using tools like Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. With these tools installed, you will be able to seamlessly monitor website traffic, user behavior, and the performance of your advertising campaigns.

Once proper tracking is installed, we’ll begin to dial into the source of leads coming into your website. As traffic continues to grow, you will know exactly where most of your quality leads are coming from and can adjust your strategy accordingly.

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Years of Experience in Analytics & Results Tracking

We not only know what it takes to get you the tracking and reporting you need, we have years of experience making it happen. We will properly install and configure your Tag Manager and Google Analytics accounts to pull data from your website then create a comprehensive Google Data Studio report where you can visualize the results. Also, since we’re focused on improving the metric that really matters, revenue, we’ll also regularly monitor all new leads your website generates, document where they’re coming from, and work with you to track which ones generate revenue.

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