Manufacturing Case Study

Industrial Manufacturing Company

This established manufacturing company provides dispensing equipment to international businesses in a variety of industries. Their philosophy is steeped in innovation and ingenuity with a reputation built on delivering value, design, and innovation in the manufacturing of high-performance equipment. They design and manufacture turnkey solutions that improve safety features and provide productive, cost-effective, and environmentally sound solutions.

Before working with WebStrategies, their primary marketing strategy was word of mouth referrals. This tactic led to some success because they sold a product that outperformed their competition. However, they wanted a more reliable and measurable plan in place. They hired WebStrategies to develop a digital marketing strategy that would generate more leads and help them to maintain a healthier sales pipeline.


WebStrategies implemented a variety of tactics to improve their digital marketing.

They focused on SEO and content marketing with the use of relevant case studies, new website pages and optimization of existing content. Conversion rate optimization and testing was done to improve conversion rates.

Increasing engagement was another focus, with the use of testimonials, case studies, and industry pages catering to each target market.

Google Ad campaigns were implemented and frequently optimized, including running remarketing and affinity audience campaigns. Monthly email marketing was sent, and lead generation techniques were used to grow their contact list.


This digital marketing strategy led to increased engagement, leads, and sales overall for the company.

Website traffic increased by 57% from 2018 to 2019. In the past year of paid search advertising campaigns, their cost per click has been reduced by 50%.

Most leads and opportunities have come from organic traffic due to SEO efforts, and CRO strategy has improved engagement and conversion rates, with website conversions showing an increase of 765% year over year.

Before partnering with WebStrategies, they had a goal of 10-20 leads in the pipeline at all times but averaged closer to 1-3. Through the efforts of the new digital marketing strategy and the addition of a new salesperson, they are making good progress towards their goal of 10-20 leads in the pipeline per month. The client reports that we are helping to increase their pipeline and drive leads that they would otherwise never have known about.

Website traffic has increased


this year compared to the previous year.

Website conversions have increased


year over year.

In the past year, paid advertising cost-per-click has decreased by


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