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What is Local SEO?

The map listings typically found at the top of a Google or Bing search result page, usually just below the PPC or sponsored results, are prime real estate and are the primary focus of local SEO. These results are Google and Bing's attempt to show users the most relevant nearby businesses, and search engines use a unique set of criteria and ranking factors to determine which businesses will show in these results. Search engines also use the same standards when deciding which businesses will show up in GPS and voice searches. Local SEO is the process of capturing visibility for your business in these local-based search results.


Why is Local SEO Important for Manufacturers?

When consumers search for a product or service in a specific region, Google and Bing will often display local business listings. Local listings take up considerable space on the search results page and are often given prioritization over normal organic search results. That makes investing in local SEO critical for manufacturers with more regionally-based customers.

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Local SEO for Manufacturers: Our Approach

WebStrategies' approach to local SEO involves a combination of website changes and offsite activity. We want to know the exact areas you serve and where you're most interested in growing visibility. We'll then put our years of experience in increasing local, organic visibility for manufacturers to work. Our process will involve optimizing your location pages, creating new content, and optimizing your Google My Business listing to make it easy for potential buyers to find and contact your company.

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Measuring the Success of Local SEO

Like content marketing, the primary goal of local SEO is to increase the visibility of your business and website. Success will hinge upon changes in keyword rankings, traffic, and ultimately conversions like phone calls and contact forms. A collection of analytics tools will be utilized to monitor the success every step of the way. We ensure our work and results are both transparent and communicated clearly so you understand where your investment is going and the impact it's having.

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