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Leigh Sanford

Leigh Sanford -
Senior Manager of Digital Marketing

Leigh is one of our right brainers, capable of in-depth analytics analysis or opening up Adobe InDesign and doing a layout. She’s a client account manager here in charge of seeing that client campaigns are successful while applying her creative talent to digital marketing initiatives. She invests her heart and soul into her work as well as her hobbies. That's just the way she rolls.

As a "navy brat" and a Daddy’s girl, Leigh lived in multiple seaside locations like Virginia Beach, Jacksonville, and graduated from Point Loma High School in San Diego. She has one brother, a teacher in Florida, who helps children with special education needs. Leigh’s father passed away in 2014 after a long hard fight with cancer, survived by his wife of 49 years who now lives in Richmond, VA near Leigh. Her Dad was, and still remains, Leigh’s hero.

After she graduated from high school, Leigh spent time in France where she turned 18, then came back to the US and went to college first at Kent State University, declaring her major as Journalism. Like a lot of young people, she changed her mind, ended up at VCU and majored in Fashion, Art & Advertising. A now defunct major, it prepared the few who were enrolled in the program to be Art Directors & Fashion Illustrators which was the perfect segue to her first job in the stock market where she worked as a research assistant!

Realizing that happiness was much more important than money, she switched gears and jumped into marketing, landing a marketing coordinator position at an office design firm in New York City working with clientele like Sony, MTV and L’Oreal. Finally, she was able to use her creativity! Leigh spent 4 more years in Manhattan before relocating to the Bay Area after the infamous 9/11 disaster, landing a job at an Architectural & Engineering Insurance firm that gave her more responsibility and further solidified her career choice.

She became a mom to her daughter right before relocating to Atlanta. Never one to sit still, she took on marketing consulting & graphic design projects while she worked from home, raising her daughter. One of her projects was to start an indie record label and release an album.

In 2012, Leigh relocated back to Richmond where she was the Marketing Manager for a 1,700 person law firm before she interviewed with us at Impression Marketing. It was simply a good fit.


  • Leigh is a huge music fan and has created a bevy of websites for musicians and done everything from run conventions for fans, design album covers, pen press releases, book gigs, and help with licensing. She’s even had the pleasure of photographing Duran Duran on their 2011 tour
  • She claims to sing like a dying chicken and cannot play any instrument well but regardless of that, she’s a music snob who makes badass music mix challenges with her friends
  • Leigh once went to the UK by herself for 10 days, rented a stick shift, drove all over and only clipped one side view mirror
  • Leigh spent a couple years practicing Sivananda Yoga, 3 hours a day/2x a week and could do a headstand on command
  • Leigh is related to Robert E. Lee – so her colleagues, Preston Kendig & Kira Lee Routh are her cousins!!


BFA, Virginia Commonwealth University, Fashion Art & Advertising

Industry Specialties

Social Media Strategy & Marketing, Content Marketing, Creative, Graphic Design


Photography, hiking, traveling, board games, kayaking, and new wave dancing

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