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Jacob Gordon - Client Success Manager

With over seven years of experience in customer success and account management, Jacob works on the Client Success team as a Manager of Digital Marketing. He enjoys helping clients tackle problems and achieve their marketing goals through effective campaign development and management.

In past roles, Jacob has effectively onboarded financial institutions to a purpose-built CRM,  helped nonprofits, creators, and small businesses design and launch custom e-commerce shops, and drove brick-and-mortar business for a global specialty retailer.

Exposure to the effects of digital promotions and advertising in the retail space fascinated Jacob as he saw how these campaigns drove in-store traffic during a time labeled the ‘Retail Apocalypse.’ This ultimately led him to realize his passion to help businesses adapt to and thrive in the digital landscape.

Originally from Hampton, VA, Jacob currently lives with his fiancé and two cats, Bellatrix and Lily, in Richmond, VA, where he earned a bachelor's degree in marketing from Virginia Commonwealth University. Jacob’s interests include traveling (his favorite travel memory is witnessing wild Orcas in the San Juan Islands of Washington state), live music (he can confirm that Stevie Nicks is indeed not a goat), brew, wine & cider touring (Potter’s Craft Cider anyone?), and all things Slytherin (hey, we’re not all bad).

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