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Nishma Mistry - Agency Marketing & Brand Manager

Born and Raised in London, England, Nishma swapped the city life for the chilled southern vibes of suburban Atlanta in Jan 2023. Having worked in advertising agencies for over a decade, she's worked on creative and project-managed campaigns for brands like Emirates, Dove, Baileys, EE, and Renault.

Having had a passion for the wedding and events industry she launched her own business back in 2016 where she used her design and marketing skills to grow a highly engaged online community, further building on her skills in content creation, lead gen, and marketing. 

Nishma is also a mom to twin 5-year-old girls. (Fun fact, it runs in the family as there are 4 sets in the family including her sisters being twins)

She's loves a good tea-time. None of that cracker nonsense, though – we're talking biscuits and cake, the real deal. It's her little slice of happiness.

Nishma’s other hobbies include Reformer Pilates, travelling around the US, trying different cuisines and scouring the internet for interior design inspo! 

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