Marketing Analytics for Credit Unions

Accurately tracking the results of your marketing efforts to calculate ROI and determine what's working best.

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Why Better Reporting Is Critical For Credit Unions

Better tracking and reporting ensures your credit union is getting the most bang for your marketing buck. Good data will demystify what is and isn't working and reveal where to invest more. Credit unions who emphasize good reporting and data are the ones who maximize their marketing ROI. If you are unsure of what your marketing investments are accomplishing for your credit union, it's time for better reporting.

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What Credit Unions Should Be Tracking

The days of only reporting impressions and clicks are over. To maximize marketing ROI, credit unions now need to track applications submitted by marketing channel and cost per application by marketing channel. Only then can a credit union ensure their marketing spend is allocated to the highest impact channels.

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What You'll Need

A credit union looking to implement better tracking and reporting will require several things. First, Google Tag Manager to better help manage your marketing and tracking codes. Second, a properly configured Google Analytics account that accounts for your website's goals and objectives. Finally, cooperation with your LOS to install the necessary tracking code.

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How WebStrategies Can Help Your Credit Union Track Results

We not only know what it takes to get you the tracking and reporting you need, we have years of experience making it happen. We will properly install and configure your Tag Manager and Google Analytics accounts and then work with your LOS to configure tracking through to application submission. Whether you use Meridian Link, CU Direct, CRIF, WebFederal, or BancVue, we know what it takes to finally get the tracking you need in place.

Credit Union Marketing Results

Marketing ROI

Marketing ROI

See how we reduced cost per application with a personal loan campaign, generated increased checking account applications, and improved marketing ROI.

Credit Union SEO

Credit Union SEO

Our work earned featured snippets and page one search rankings on Google for high value keywords in a competitive market.

Measuring Results

Measuring Results

We implemented end-to-end tracking, enabling precise results measurement. A loan campaign significantly boosted rankings for location specific keywords.

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