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What is Local SEO?

Local SEO represents the map listings typically found at the top of a Google or Bing search result page, usually just below the PPC, or sponsored results. These results are Google and Bing's attempt to show potential new members the most relevant nearby businesses. The search engines use a unique set of criteria and ranking factors to determine which businesses will show in these search results. Search engines also use the same criteria when determining which businesses will show up in GPS and voice searches, so making investments in local SEO pay dividends in other key areas.

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Why Local SEO Is Important For Credit Unions

Credit unions are considered a local business, so Google and Bing will often choose to show local listings when consumers search for local banks, credit unions, and other financial products. These local listings take up considerable space on the search results page and are often given prioritization over normal organic search results. That's makes investing in local SEO critical for credit unions looking to grow visibility in their markets.

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How We Do Local SEO For Credit Unions

WebStrategies' approach to local SEO involves a combination of website changes and offsite activity. This tried and tested approach has led to as much as a 600% growth on a credit union's location pages. Want to know more? We can't wait to share details about how our process works when we talk to you.

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How We Measure Local SEO For Credit Unions

Our local SEO process is measured in several ways, including changes to rankings, traffic, and ultimately, applications submitted. We ensure our work and results are both transparent and communicated clearly so you understand where your investment is going and the impact it's having.

Credit Union Marketing Results

Marketing ROI

Marketing ROI

See how we reduced cost per application with a personal loan campaign, generated increased checking account applications, and improved marketing ROI.

Credit Union SEO

Credit Union SEO

Our work earned featured snippets and page one search rankings on Google for high value keywords in a competitive market.

Measuring Results

Measuring Results

We implemented end-to-end tracking, enabling precise results measurement. A loan campaign significantly boosted rankings for location specific keywords.

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