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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the creation of content (website pages, blog posts, videos, checklists, how-to guides, etc.) with the intent of attracting new visitors to your website and converting them into members or enhancing their experience once they’ve already become members. 

This content is often not designed to directly sell, but to provide value and build the trust needed to convert website visitors into new memberships and loan applications over time. The most effective content marketing strategies for credit unions are focused on your members’ needs at all times.

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How Does Content Marketing Work for Credit Unions?

Content Marketing is one of the most powerful channels for helping credit unions generate organic traffic to their website. By consistently providing a flow of new articles and other content that provides value to your potential and current members, you’ll begin to build trust and authority. Over time, this can increase your website's rankings in Google search results and lead to an influx of new organic traffic and visibility within your markets.

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Content Marketing for Credit Unions: Our Approach

From the very beginning of your partnership with WebStrategies, you’ll sit down with our content marketing experts to create detailed personas outlining your target audiences’ unique financial needs. Coupled with extensive organic research into the keywords the people in your markets are searching for, we will establish a long-term content plan that will help solve these needs and capture visibility from Google search results. Our content strategy is backed by years of research into the most effective content marketing and SEO strategy for credit unions.

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Content Marketing: Measuring Results

We measure the results of our content marketing process in several ways, including changes in keywords rankings and organic website traffic, as well as engagement metrics. Ultimately, one of the most important measures of success is submitted applications and funded loans, so we always encourage credit unions to set up the most detailed tracking possible, to truly understand the end results of their marketing efforts.

Credit Union Marketing Results

Marketing ROI

Marketing ROI

See how we reduced cost per application with a personal loan campaign, generated increased checking account applications, and improved marketing ROI.

Credit Union SEO

Credit Union SEO

Our work earned featured snippets and page one search rankings on Google for high value keywords in a competitive market.

Measuring Results

Measuring Results

We implemented end-to-end tracking, enabling precise results measurement. A loan campaign significantly boosted rankings for location specific keywords.

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