Credit Union Case Study

Established Credit Union

Our client, a single location credit union in Southern California that focuses heavily on appealing to millennials, began working with WebStrategies in mid-2017.

They had recently undergone a rebranding and had a newly developed website and dedicated landing pages for their primary campaigns, but were lacking the tools necessary to measure the results of their marketing efforts.


Our initial work focused on putting the proper results measurement structure in place, allowing us to clearly demonstrate which marketing activities were most successful and to calculate the ROI of each campaign, including precise cost per application data.

A paid search campaign was launched promoting auto loans. Because auto loans are a primary focus for this credit union, work was also done to improve their organic search presence in their local market for related terms. We created auto loan content and optimized key pages on their site, along with SEO efforts and improving their site speed, all leading to a significant jump in location specific rankings for coveted keywords.


By setting up end-to-end tracking on each campaign, this credit union now has a wealth of knowledge available to them concerning the results of their marketing efforts. From the sources generating the most clicks to how many completed applications are resulting from each source, they have the information they need to make better decisions about which tactics to continue or ramp up, and which to shift focus away from. They also have insights available to them to see exactly where people are most likely to exit the research and application process, better identifying opportunities for conversion rate optimization.

After seeing a decrease in auto loans in 2016 before beginning work with us, our efforts led to a 15.33% increase in auto loans from 2016 to 2017. The increase in auto loans from 2017 to 2018 was even greater, increasing 32.3%.

Personal loans and credit card balances were also positively impacted, increasing 14.3% year over year.

A focus on organic growth led to a dramatic improvement in their search rankings for several important keywords. In just one month, they rose from appearing on page 5 or worse in Google search results to ranking on page 1, in the top 5 results for several high value terms.

Our client's rankings improved by an average of


positions in one month for several valuable keywords.

Our work led to an increase of


in vehicle loans from 2017 to 2018.

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