Credit Union Case Study

Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union (JDCU) has been a client since 2019, when it began a partnership with WebStrategies to act as an extension of its marketing department. With a membership base approaching 100,000, its leadership chose to take the digital marketing strategy to the next level.

The partnership with WebStrategies has prospered with significant results attributed to the onboarding of HubSpot and using the marketing automation tools.

Credit Union Digital Marketing Success with HubSpot

Detailed in a case study previously published in 2021 JDCU quickly realized the benefits of HubSpot Marketing Hub so its marketing department rallied to implement the full suite. Knowing there was more potential to harness, the credit union took a phased approach to onboard HubSpot Service Hub and Sales Hub, taking advantage of the connected systems and convenience it could deliver to previously siloed departments.

HubSpot Service Hub

The WebStrategies team collaborated with the call center to onboard the Service Hub and create a series of tasks, triggers, and notifications. The call center began using the ticketing system for member service issues. When members call in about an issue that requires special attention (such as a request for documentation or system access), the representative creates a ticket that is immediately routed to the appropriate team member. Tickets are routed and automatically assigned through HubSpot based on the type selected so several tasks can be associated with one ticket type.

As a members-first organization, these tickets are acted upon quickly and have an average response time of 99 seconds.

HubSpot Sales Hub

Using HubSpot’s full suite gives JDCU the advantage of gathering information on an applicant using a step zero form. Before submitting an application for a loan the visitor submits their information and then continues to the application on the LOS. When the step zero form is submitted, a task is generated for the outbound sales team to follow up with the person via email or a phone call. The form has created a list of over 12,000 non-member contacts in the last year that continue to receive regular promotions. Over 4,600 follow-ups have been completed by the Outbound team resulting in over 346 new members.

HubSpot Marketing Hub

The 2021 JDCU case study shared some of its remarkable results as its marketing team fully embraced HubSpot. As the team implemented workflows to reach members and non-members, they also identified less common opportunities to fully leverage the data available.

Credit Union Digital Marketing

JDCU has seven different workflows that identify lead opportunities and trigger communication to nurture the leads for further action, while several others are focused on member cross-sells. For example, one workflow identifies leads who recently viewed the mortgage page and did not start an application. The contact is emailed a helpful communication about getting a mortgage through a credit union and encourages them to apply.

One of the best-performing workflows is one that follows up with abandoned consumer loan applications. Of the 3,849 contacts that started but did not finish their application in the last 2 years, 750 were influenced by the workflow to complete an application, for a conversion rate of 19.5%.

The HubSpot Marketing Hub includes functionality to offer email opt-ins when a website visitor is on a page for a specified time. For example, when visitors view the loan rates, a prompt appears on the screen offering to send that information to the visitor on a weekly or monthly basis. With this opt-in the credit union now reaches the visitor on a regular basis with helpful information. In addition to staying top-of-mind for loans, the credit union email is a regular reminder of the brand. The functionality of maintaining current rates is built using HubDB to manage the data for the regularly changing rates and from which the email draws information. The campaign has grown its subscribers steadily over the initial month and has a 13.5% click-through rate on the main call to action “Apply Now”.


Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union may have the most integrated HubSpot suite we’ve seen at any type of organization. By connecting systems, departments are also connected for a more streamlined member experience. Automated marketing and creative lead nurturing prevent leads from dropping out of the funnel by being re-engaged and reminded of the value the credit union offers; getting applications "over the goal line" that may otherwise have been lost.



Non-member emails collected





follow-ups completed by the Outbound team




New members from tasks assigned through the Sales Hub





Abandoned applications completed




13.5% CTR

on the "Apply Now" button on emailed loan rates

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We have seen great results from combining our marketing and outbound calling efforts. Using HubSpot has allowed us to reach prospective members we would otherwise miss the opportunity to communicate with while allowing us to better service existing members.

Fady Sidhom - Outbound Contact Center Manager, Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union