Sales Development

From sales skills assessments
to the management
of your entire sales team.

Turning sales leads into revenue

Years of experience selling into the B2B space along with extensive academic training bring a wealth of knowledge about how to turn your sales leads into revenue. From selling skills development to fractional management of your sales team, you’ll get a customized, pragmatic approach to achieving your growth targets and building a sustainable sales organization.

From Sales Skills Assessments to The Management of Your Sales Team

  • Sales skills assessment – do you have the right people on your team? You’ll get an assessment process that enables you to hire the right people and develop your incumbents.
  • Sales process development – does your sales process include the top 5 factors of a successful sales organization? Your sales process will be analyzed against factors proven to create sales success and you’ll get a roadmap to build on toward the future.
  • Sales training – do your salespeople combine their God-given personalities with the best selling skills? You’ll get a sales training program that leverages the skills of your salespeople while enhancing their ability to close deals.
  • Fractional sales management – are you great at what you do but not built to be a sales manager? You’ll get a sales manager who respects your culture and authority, develops your sales team, instills the right sales process, and leads your salespeople to success – all at an investment that is a fraction of hiring a full-time sales manager.

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