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Pay-Per-Click Advertising Success

PPC advertising is one of the most effective methods for quickly and easily sending qualified traffic to your website. PPC ads show at the top and on the right side of search results, guaranteeing visibility in the most valuable real estate. The quality of your ads and the amount you’re willing to pay per click determines how high you show in the results.

As the only Google Adwords and Google Analytics Certified company in Virginia, we take tremendous pride in our ability to maximize pay-per-click results using the power of data.

Why Use PPC With Inbound Marketing

There are many advantages to deploying a PPC strategy. Those include:

  • Show in search engines tomorrow: Unlike an SEO, you don’t have to wait months to show at the top of a search result page. Once your campaign is built, Google will immediately show your ads.
  • Get traffic from competitive phrases: Some keywords are nearly impossible to rank organically due to the amount of competition. PPC allows you to show at the top of the search page alongside companies much larger than yours.
  • Traffic and leads on demand: Want to take a break from the traffic? Have more leads than you can manage? No problem. PPC ads can be paused on a dime. Looking to drive a little extra traffic in a given week? Resume your ads and start receiving traffic and leads almost immediately.
  • Only target visitors in a certain radius: Want to limit where your ads display? PPC targeting allows you to configure your ads to reach your target marketand only your target market.

Adding PPC to your inbound marketing will accellerate your lead generation, while supplementing your organic web traffic. We have years of experience managing millions of dollars of PPC spend. From small, local campaigns to large national campaigns, we have the people and experience to run the most effective PPC program possible.

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