Industrial Marketing Case Study

Scaffolding Solutions

Proudly serving construction and industrial manufacturing industries since 2002, Scaffolding Solutions was founded on the principle of delivering excellence in everything that they do. They provide superior system scaffolding, suspended scaffolding, mast climber platforms and decks, and other services to the construction and industrial manufacturing industries along the east coast.

With an outdated website that did not accurately present the capabilities of the company, Scaffolding Solutions partnered with WebStrategies in 2015 with the goal of a complete website overhaul. This project quickly flourished into a comprehensive digital marketing and advertising engagement that has transformed how Scaffolding Solutions generates new business.


Initially, our partnership with Scaffolding Solutions was narrowly focused on helping them modernize their website to rival competitors. Following the completion of their website redesign, our focus shifted to the primary goal of building brand awareness and helping them generate more business opportunities from online sources.

One of our top priorities was to get them started with digital advertising, something they had no prior experience with. We began with two Google Search campaigns, but as campaigns continued to see success, these efforts scaled. As of October 2020, they are actively running 12 high-performing Google Search, Google Display, and Google Remarketing campaigns. 

Aside from our advertising work, search engine optimization efforts have been fruitful, including extensive research to identify the keywords that Scaffolding Solutions’ customers are searching for online. This research has since been used to create an abundance of new content, including service pages, industry pages, case studies, and other articles designed to generate more qualified traffic and potential leads to their new website.


The website redesign coupled with the comprehensive digital marketing strategy that has been implemented has transformed Scaffolding Solutions’ online presence, including impressive website traffic growth. In September 2020, they saw 2,500 unique website visitors–the most they’ve seen in a single month and an increase of 244% over September 2018.

Much of this growth in traffic is attributed to our content marketing and SEO efforts. Of the 2,500 visitors in September 2020, 1,101 of those were directly from organic sources, a rise of 128% compared to September 2018. This increase in organic traffic is especially significant since Scaffolding Solutions is solely a business-to-business company serving a very small niche market. 

Their advertising campaigns are showing positive results as well. For their combined Google Search campaigns, they maintain an average click-through rate of 6.84%, far exceeding industry standards

With detailed tracking now in place, Scaffolding Solutions can effectively measure leads generated online. On average, they are seeing between 50 to 70 inquiries per month, with a new high of 75 generated in September 2020. As more advertising campaigns are introduced and new content is published, these numbers continue to climb.


The work implemented by WebStrategies has resulted in a


increase in website traffic in just two years.



Their Google Search Campaigns generate an average click-through rate of 


far exceeding industry standards.


Website traffic from organic sources has risen by


compared to two years prior.



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The expanded website developed by WebStrategies has digitally presented the extensive capabilities of the company as it has expanded geographically and added new products, services, and targeted new industry segments. The power of how our company is now presented online and the targeted marketing being conducted is immeasurable–far beyond the click counts. WebStrategies has far exceeded our expectations. Over time, they have developed into a key business partner for Scaffolding Solutions and we are very happy with their results

Roger Jetton, Vice President