Education Case Study

Brook Road Academy

Brook Road Academy is a well-respected, non-traditional school serving middle school and high school-aged students. Unique attributes of this private, college-prep school include small class sizes and customized curriculums with a focus on the growth of the whole child to instill the qualities of leadership, self-esteem, and community.


Brook Road Academy sought to boost visibility within a very niche market. Specific goals consisted of improving online conversions and increasing school enrollment. They teamed up with WebStrategies in hopes of achieving both objectives.

In 2013, a new website was launched to enhance Brook Road Academy’s online appearance. Since then, we’ve implemented an online marketing strategy to include content marketing, search and display advertising, and conversion rate optimization.

Additionally, extensive research was conducted on target personas to establish the most effective content marketing strategy.


Progress resulting from online marketing has been steady for Brook Road Academy. However, as of late several key metrics have improved exponentially.

Organic traffic has soared this year, with a 320% increase this year compared to last year. A significant jump in organic conversions and enrollment in the school were two huge achievements. Specifically, WebStrategies’ campaigns drove organic conversions to increase by 40% in just the past five months, qualified leads to increase by 277%, and school enrollment is up by 85% in 2018.

Working with us, Brook Road Academy has seen an


increase in school enrollment in 2018.

WebStrategies created targeted campaigns that led to a


increase in organic traffic this year compared to last year.

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WebStrategies has been instrumental in generating quality leads for our school. Their expertise and knowledge of our organization helped us determine the most relevant and cost-effective means for reaching our target audiences–which is critical on a nonprofit budget. We’ve seen a very solid ROI with WebStrategies, as our school is on the way to once again to reaching capacity.

Director of Marketing Communications, Brook Road Academy