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+ Get your product pages ranked.

+ Drive more visitors ready to purchase.

+ Optimize the buying experience.


Ecommerce SEO Services from WebStrategies

Looking to drive more traffic to your ecommerce website? Curious how potential customers experience your ecommerce site, and what you can do to move them through the shopping cart? Using a combination of SEO and web analytics techniques, we will determine exactly how a customer finds your site, which searches are most likely to result in a sale, and where your customers are most likely to abandon your shopping cart.

Then, we improve each and every part of the experience...

Improving SEO on Manufacturing Ecommerce Websites

There is not one silver bullet for driving more business from your online store. There are several. Increasing online sales requires continuous improvement in multiple areas, from driving more traffic, to increasing life time value of existing customers. We have years of experience improving each core area of a successful ecommerce website. Here's how we do it.

  • Increasing qualified traffic: our SEO and PPC approach will rank your product pages and drive more qualified visitors ready to purchase. We tie every sale back to the traffic channel, so you will know which traffic strategy is most cost effective.
  • Increasing "adds to cart": traffic that doesn't convert is useless. Our years optimizing the user experience will get more visitors from the product page into the shopping cart.
  • Increasing cart completions: we use Google Analytics' sophisticated ecommerce tracking to understand where users abandon their carts, and what can be done to increase cart completions. Sometimes the smallest (and inexpensive) tweaks can have the biggest impact on conversions.
  • Increasing return rates and lifetime value: improving the rate previous customers return and purchase can be the most effective way to grow an ecommerce business. We use a combination of email and social advertising tactics to bring customers back into the site and through the shopping cart.

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