Webinar: Setting Up Funded Loan Tracking With Your CRM

Which marketing campaigns drive your credit union’s funded loans?

With full-funnel tracking, you will know what drives revenue, not just leads.

Simply knowing the number of people who viewed an offer on your website, or even started an application, doesn’t measure the campaign's effectiveness. Pageviews are now considered “vanity metrics.” Ideally, it's best to integrate your CRM (like HubSpot) with your LOS (such as MeridianLink) for full-funnel loan tracking.  

However, if that isn't possible, our team has worked with dozens of credit unions on data integration techniques and will share them on the webinar. 

Benefits of tracking funded loans

  • Clarity on which marketing channels best convert to funded applications
  • Understand how each marketing channel affects the loan value
  • Justify your marketing budget to the board
  • Improve retention by connecting with applicants through automated emails and notifications based on application status

See the power of funded loan tracking and how it can be implemented at your credit union.

This webinar already aired but you can access the recording now.

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