Credit Union Case Study

Establishing Marketing ROI

A long-established credit union with over 15 locations, this not-for-profit financial institution was founded with the aim of providing more affordable banking services and products at low or no cost to its members across the state of Texas.

Unsatisfied with their past marketing efforts due to lack of advertising expertise, they were unable to maximize their campaigns or set up reliable marketing results tracking which led to unpredictable conversions and an inability to calculate return on their marketing investment.


With running effective advertising campaigns in high potential channels as their main priority, the credit union partnered with WebStrategies in May 2018 in the hopes of increasing conversions and establishing results tracking. Their goal was to accurately measure the effectiveness of their marketing, as well as to increase auto loans, mortgages, and new checking account inquiries.

WebStrategies implemented tracking through to started applications, and although there were some limitations due to the LOS vendor, we utilized an innovative and creative way to confidently estimate application completion conversion data based on user behavior.

We also emphasized search, display and social media advertising in order to further support their goals. Our team updated the URL structure of their website and focused on local SEO optimization, including improvements to their location pages.

In an effort to improve the likelihood of potential customers choosing this particular credit union, we implemented a strategy that acquired more reviews from members. This strategy has tripled the number of reviews being contributed monthly to Google and Facebook.


WebStrategies’ marketing efforts and expertise resulted in significant improvements in their online presence. Due to our website SEO optimization strategy, total organic traffic has increased by 42% compared to 6-months prior. We saw 85% growth year over year in organic traffic to their Auto Loan pages, a high priority product for this client.

In addition, testing a new version of their home page has led to a 25% increase in organic traffic to the page, and a 19% boost in clicks through to product pages, increasing the likelihood of applications.

Facebook advertising for an auto loans campaign is resulting in an affordable $20 cost per application and a recent search advertising campaign to promote the credit union is generating a $60 cost per account opening.

WebStrategies achieved


organic traffic growth on Auto Loans pages.

Total organic traffic for all website pages has increased


compared to 6 months prior.

An Auto Loans campaign is resulting in


cost per application.

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