Industrial Marketing Case Study

Mid-Atlantic Controls Corp.

Based in Richmond, Virginia, Mid-Atlantic Controls, Corp. (MACC) is a trusted commercial and industrial facility automation systems provider throughout Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Washington D.C. Since 1989, they have prided themselves on working hand-in-hand with clients to provide systems that save money, increase comfort, reduce energy consumption, accumulate data, or make their life a little easier.

Unsatisfied with their online performance and capability, MACC chose to partner with WebStrategies in 2014 for a complete website overhaul. This idea of a website redesign developed into the multifaceted digital marketing strategy that MACC uses today to generate new business opportunities online.


Initially, the WebStrategies team focused on improving MACC’s website from a design, functionality, and user experience standpoint. After the new website began to show results, the MACC team quickly realized the power of further investment and dove headfirst into a full-fledged digital marketing strategy.

One of the major focal points of this strategy has been content marketing and SEO. Over the last several years, WebStrategies has created new content on a monthly basis that is designed to generate traffic directly from the niche market that MACC serves. This process has included product pages, service pages, location pages, case studies, and blog articles.

The MACC team has also put a strong emphasis on user experience and educating their target audience. WebStrategies has managed the development of upwards of 20 videos that are featured on their website, YouTube channel, and LinkedIn page.  

In an effort to increase brand awareness and drive even more qualified traffic to their website, WebStrategies also developed and continues to run highly targeted Google Search, Google Display, and LinkedIn Advertising campaigns. 

The MACC team also doubled-down on improving their marketing and sales efforts by investing in a top-of-the-line CRM and marketing automation platform with HubSpot. WebStrategies facilitated the transition to this platform and actively leverages it for email marketing and automation to support MACC’s marketing and sales goals.


Over the last several years, ongoing content production has led to a steady increase in organic traffic to the MACC website. In the initial stages of the partnership between 2016 and 2018, analytics showed a 145% rise in website traffic. This growth has continued in recent years, and overall, organic traffic to the MACC website has increased 310% since the beginning of their partnership with WebStrategies.

An increase in traffic isn’t the only success the MACC team has seen. Advertising in extremely niche markets requires constant optimization, and WebStrategies has been able to utilize negative keywords to cut the cost of their campaigns while continuing to bring in more leads. Between when their advertising campaigns began in 2017 and the end of 2018, their primary search campaign maintained an average cost per conversion of $149 and generated 35 conversions. Since 2018, this cost per conversion has been reduced by 74% to $38 and the campaign has generated a total of 143 conversions.

The results of all MACC’s combined digital marketing efforts can truly be seen in the change in the number of new leads coming in from both organic and paid sources. In 2020, they’ve generated 183 contacts from organic sources and 34 from paid search advertising. Compared to just two years ago, that’s a 120% increase in organic contacts and a 240% increase in paid contacts. Additionally, an ebook created by WebStrategies in 2018 has proven to be a lead-magnet, generating over 400 conversions. 

MACC has been able to easily monitor, market, and sell to all of their new leads directly within the HubSpot platform, which has helped them better visualize and simplify their sales process as well as better manage their ongoing projects.


Overall, organic traffic to the MACC website has increased


since the beginning of their partnership with WebStrategies




In just two years, the MACC team has seen an


increase in organic contacts.




An ebook created by WebStrategies in 2018 has generated over


conversions all on its own.



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