Webinar: HubSpot for Credit Unions

Why are credit unions using HubSpot?

Join our free webinar to learn how HubSpot is solving three of the biggest challenges credit union marketers face today: 

  • Trouble measuring results of marketing efforts
  • Inability to effectively grow share of wallet among current members
  • Time and budget constraints

We have long touted the benefits of credit unions using a marketing automation platform. At this point, if you're not using one, you are missing out on significant opportunities, and you're not going to be able to provide your members with the personalized experience they expect.

There are many marketing automation platforms out there, but few offer the robust features and integration of HubSpot. That's why we're seeing so many credit unions adopting the platform. With a free integrated CRM, sophisticated workflows, tracking and results reporting capabilities, and ability to provide your members with content most relevant to them, it's a huge asset for both the marketing and sales departments for a credit union.

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