Webinar: Digital Transformation Playbook For Manufacturers

How to pivot from trade shows to a digital sales and marketing machine

In our newest webinar, we share game changing advice for manufacturers who had previously relied on traditional channels like trade shows to fuel their revenue. With those avenues closed right now, manufacturers can adapt and create a winning formula for success by shifting their focus to online channels.

Success hinges on strengthening and aligning three pillars of your digital strategy:

  • Technology
  • Digital Marketing
  • Virtual Selling

We'll show you the elements that go into each of those pillars, and how to align them to work smoothly together for a powerful marketing and sales machine.

Who is presenting?

Our top marketing and sales experts who have worked extensively on digital marketing strategy for manufacturers.

Chris Leone - CEO
Kristin Harrison - Director of Business Development
Howard Deskin - Director of Strategic Accounts
Preston Kendig- Manager of Digital Marketing

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