Webinar: How Credit Unions Are Responding to COVID-19

What do we cover?

This free webinar features a panel of WebStrategies team members providing a roundup of what we're seeing and hearing from credit unions across the country in the wake of the COVID-19 virus crisis, and more importantly, how credit unions can adapt their marketing strategy right now.

We discuss how credit unions are communicating with their members and handling the increase in call volume and members needing assistance, and some of the creative solutions they're coming up with to help their members and prospective members during this difficult time.

We also bring you up to date on the latest developments in consumer search behavior related to credit union products and services.

Who is presenting?

A panel of WebStrategies credit unions experts share what they're hearing from credit unions across the country and seeing in their extensive research.

Chris Leone - CEO
Kristin Harrison - Director of Business Development
Brandon Frey - Senior Manager of Digital Marketing
Brian Marsh - Senior Manager of Digital Strategy
Emily Niedermaier - Manager of Digital Advertising
Adnan Sosic- Digital Marketing SEO Specialist

Chris LeoneKristin HarrisonBrandon FreyBrian Marsh

Emily NiedermaierAdnan Sosic


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