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What Is A Good Marketing ROI?

Chris Leone Chris Leone Posted September 9, 2016

When you spend $1 on marketing, how much should you expect in return?

That's what we'll answer in this post. 


When someone asks you, “is your marketing working,” what do you think they’re..

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Topics: ROI, planning, revenue, profit, Online Marketing, Digital Marketing

How To Develop Customer Personas

Chris Leone Chris Leone Posted June 29, 2015

If you were to put a group of marketing managers and business owners in a room and ask who could clearly define their target customers, most would raise their hand (most probably think they’re..

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Topics: how to, Content marketing, Persona, personas, planning

Marketing Online In 2014

Chris Leone Chris Leone Posted January 1, 2014

The New Year is a time for both reflection and planning. If the past is any indication of the future, we can expect some big things in 2014.

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Topics: predictions, recap, Remarkable Campaign, strategy, planning, Digital Marketing

Setting The Right Expectations For Online Marketing

Chris Leone Chris Leone Posted October 11, 2013

Setting the appropriate expectations at the beginning of any new undertaking can greatly influence our perception of performance.

In other words, success in not measured exclusively by objective..

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, planning, Online Marketing, Digital Marketing

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